How To Be Free | Resilient Part 5


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Ever heard the expression “the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak?” You have a weakness… maybe you’re dragging around anger or unforgiveness. Maybe it’s an addiction: to junk food, alcohol, pot, or porn. You want to be free of this weight on your shoulders and burden in your life. The Spirit is willing. But you just can’t seem to do it. The flesh is weak.

In this message, Pastor Tim Lucas talks about “unconverted places.” The spaces and cracks in our lives that are not quite lined up with God’s best for us. We all have the capacity to sin - even if you’ve placed your trust in Jesus and call yourself a Christian. The good news is that God wants to set you FREE! Watch and discover how today you can begin walking in freedom and victory! Say goodbye to whatever it is that is dragging you down - it’s all part of our journey to becoming resilient.

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