707 - Meaningful Automation, Event Marketing, and Validating the Avatar with Paul Sokol


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Today’s cohost is Paul Sokol. Paul is a self-proclaimed mad scientist. He’s worked on humanized automation within Infusionsoft, and is also the co-founder of Be Pro, which markets in-person events for businesses, venues, or entertainers.
Paul has spent a lot of time thinking about ideal clients and how to find them with a quick and replicable process. He truly believes that all sales conversations go through the same phases, regardless of what your selling. So if you can identify your audience, you can sell anything, regardless of product or service. And he applies these concepts to events, which is where a lot of his focus is now.
In this episode, we dive into how to capitalize on an opportunity where most think there isn’t one. We chat about the four parts of identifying your ideal client, and we talk about Paul’s exact recipe for validating the avatar.
"There are all sorts of ponds out there and you have to know what fish you’re going for so you can use the right bait and the right lures."
In this episode Paul talked about:
  • Who his ideal client is and how he got into that segment of the market.
  • Why many events out there make no money and what they are doing wrong.
  • The four parts of identifying your ideal client.

Main Takeaways
  • Events should be treated like any other product or service. You should intentionally design the customer experience, the fulfillment, and how the sales experience is going to work.
  • In figuring out your ideal client, focus on the demographics of your client, figuring out who they are, figuring out their behaviors, and positioning your message to convey what their life could be like.
  • If you’ve come up with an avatar, you need to go the extra mile and research (or digitally stalk) these people. Once you’ve done that, it’s critical to put your money where your mouth is and test the advertising to make sure that you are getting the results that you believe should come from your ideal personas.

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