807 - Streamlining Your Business and Trusting the Journey with Erin Flynn


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Today’s co-host is Erin Flynn. Erin currently operates Successfully Simple with Erin Flynn where she helps business owners of all kinds (freelancers, designers, developers, marketers) build and streamline their businesses.
In 2012, after leaving her day job, Erin found herself making websites. After discovering that she could be more profitable by narrowing her focus, she decided to help other business owners do the same. She’s learned the importance of momentum and appreciating the journey.
In this episode, we talk about how she got started building websites, her entry into the entrepreneurial space, the “aha” moment that made her realize she could work less and make more, and how she manages to juggle all the different services she offers while keeping her business afloat.
“Moving forward and understanding what works for you and what is going to make a big impact is critical.” ~ @Erin3Flynn
Main Takeaways
  • Looking at your business retrospectively and recognizing what got you to where you are today is the best way to figure out how you should move forward and what your strengths are.
  • Everyone has to hustle and work hard in the beginning, but that work can pay off in the long run. You’ll eventually hit the point where you will see results.
  • Set expectations immediately, and screen your clients for those that will fit into those expectations. It will make your life a lot easier.
  • Approach your business like an experiment; once you're done with a client, go back and look at what worked well and what didn’t.
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