The Wonder Years: S3E16: The Glee Club

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Hey Wonderlings, I’m Angela Bowen the host of the Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast. Ya all got your singing voices ready? Cause we’re gonna be singing a tone with the 8th Grade McKinley Boys Glee Club in S3E16; the Glee Club which aired on February 26, 1990. In this episode The 8th Grade Boys Glee Club can't seem to carry a tune, but a new teacher named Miss Haycock is determined to rectify that. Time For My Flower Power Episode Rating: I’m giving this episode 3 out of 5 Flower Power Petals. 1. For Miss Haycock, not that she may be but she whipped those boys into shape singing wise or at least made an attempt to pour sunshine into their lives through song and teach them to use their diaphragms. 2. Warren for being their shining star and secret weapon with that angelic cherub voice, well at least for a little while. 3. Miss Haycock realizes you can’t mold a 13 year old boy’s voice into the next Josh Groban or Michael Buble. We can’t all sound like Billy Gilman at age 10 when you’re a teenage boy in the thrones of puberty. Once Warren’s voice takes a crap she knows her career as a musical conductor is over. I knocked two flower power petals off. 1. This episode was pretty meh for me all the singing throughout the episode, if this were Glee with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, maybe I could forgive them but eardrum splitting 13 year olds singing Stout Hearted Men, uh… no thank you. 2. The only good thing I liked about this episode is Winnie and Kevin’s close up hand holding shot, and also she was the voice of reason and took Miss Haycock’s side sight unseen. If she had bet the women maybe she would have agreed with Kevin’s sentiment regarding her. My Wonderling Words Of Wisdom: I wouldn’t recommend choir class at all. I hated it and unless you really enjoy singing don’t sign up for it. Short and to the point. Here’s my quote of the episode. Narrator: It was... cruel. Before our very eyes, Warren had transformed from lyric tenor... to... Well... a bullfrog. So the rest of us did the only thing we could. We panicked. But the die was cast. Paul sneezed, which was too much for Doug. Somebody laughed. And I dropped my music. It was kind of a chain reaction. I'd like to say we rallied, but... we didn't. It was no one's fault, really. I guess we'd just been pushed beyond our limits. We we're a bunch of eighth-grade boys. Not an ensemble of stout-hearted men. I want to give a sincere thank to all you listeners out there whether you listen to this podcast on Itunes or Soundcloud or any other listening platforms that you may use to hear this podcast. I love giving you the episode recaps of The Wonder Years every week joining me as I go into full detail as we reminisce of days gone by with Kevin and his friends Paul and Winnie, and the rest of the Arnold family. as well as giving my occasional running commentary and childhood stories. There are many ways to stay connected to the podcast like the Facebook Page: at Looking Back on my Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast Follow Me On Instagram: lbomwonderyearspodcast And Also Follow Me On Twitter: wonderyearspod And You Can Email Me at Also if you enjoy this podcast please go to Itunes and rate, review and subscribe, so you won’t miss an episode. Join me tomorrow Sunday November 19 when I discuss S3E17: Night Out which aired on March 13, 1990. In this episode Newly coupled Kevin and Winnie are pressured into attending a notorious make-out party. While at the party, it seems just like any other 8th grade party ... until the lights get turned off.

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