Episode #10 - Happy Birthday Harry Potter


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It’s time to raise your glass of Butterbeer to the Chosen One! Demi and Jess celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday in episode 10 of Lumos Maxima. Topics include a listener’s voicemail message, a recap of issue #43 of The Rowling Library Magazine, a quote about Harry’s birthday, Wizarding World and Harry birthday news, and a discussion about Harry’s birthdays in the books. The hosts dive into the gifts Harry receives and how his birthdays change as Harry grows up. Get ready for some deep conversations involving striking realizations, symbolism, and much more! Lumos Maxima is on social media! Follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram @LumosMaximaCast, and like the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LumosMaximaCast. Love the podcast? Leave a voicemail at 412-228-5435, and your message will be featured in a future episode. Also, subscribe to the Lumos Maxima YouTube channel for bonus content, bloopers, and much more on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4tWo7NTuJkbzPQ1KVesdg. Thank you for listening!

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