48. Nigel Forster


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Nigel Forster started building guitars at age 17 as an apprentice with Stephen Sobell... and he stayed with Sobell for the next 15 years. Along the way, Nigel has taken some truly interesting globetrotting side trips, including studying in Buddhist monasteries. During one of those trips Nigel wrote a book titled, Making a Living in Lutherie, which is filled with both practical tips on running a shop and life advice that Nigel describes as "soft-core Buddhism." These days, Nigel is building a variety of acoustic instruments including steel strings flattops, tenor guitars, archtops, mandolins and Irish bouzoukis out of his shop in Queensland, Australia. Links: https://www.nkforsterguitars.com/ https://www.nkforsterguitars.com/books/ http://www.sobellguitars.com/ This episode is sponsored by Dream Guitars.

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