14. Vanessa Fitzgerald | Address your Stress! And Heal your Body


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With great joy I welcome Vanessa Fitzgerald, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner! Vanessa has helped me tremendously with understanding my body’s connection with food. She’s taught me how supplementing can help my body thrive when I’m not getting all the nutrition I need, and today she shares her knowledge with you!

In our conversation, Vanessa discusses common issues her clients deal with, and shares how to begin addressing them without seeing a practitioner. She shares the best way to get honed in on what you need to do to balance your internal well being.

As we are transitioning into a new season, our meditation focuses on awareness and nourishment for where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Take this time to truly honor yourself, and feel all the feels that may arise during this time.

***Our meditation begins at [26:25]!

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