Friend Zone - Episode 53


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Ah yes, the dreaded friend zone. How many countless people have fallen into this never-ending abyss? Are you in the friend zone right now? What are the signs, and how can you avoid getting stuck here again in the future? In this episode, we talk about what the friend zone is, why you get put there, and most importantly how the heck do you get out of it! Will shares his stories about how clueless he was when getting hit on and friend zoning himself, and Linda gives her thoughts on why sometimes being too nice when it comes to dating is a losing tactic. We’re excited to be back from our hiatus and chatting more about juicy relationship, dating and marriage topics! As always, thank you for tuning in every Thursday and we hope you continue supporting our podcast!

0:00 Intro

1:16 Welcome banter

2:39 Start of topic

3:16 What is the friend zone

4:42 Linda’s experience

6:58 Being direct

8:57 Is it a date or not

10:21 Just friends

11:52 Crushes

13:26 Being too nice

15:33 Secretly in love

18:00 What if it doesn’t work out

18:31 What would Will do

22:23 Let’s hang out

23:37 Will gets hit on

27:10 Free pickup lines

27:38 Show interest

29:36 Stop being a pushover

31:21 Stop playing games with my heart

33:01 Don’t wait too long

35:33 Build sexual tension

36:35 Simping

37:34 Signs you’re in the friend zone

40:10 False white knight

42:45 Feelings change

45:36 Confess your love

52:27 Takeaways & lessons learned

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