Pets and Relationships - Episode 61


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Please meet and welcome our newest co-host, his name is Latte! He is the most adorable and dapper Boston Terrier (aka The American Gentleman) you’ll ever meet! Oh and yes, he already has his very own Instagram account @LatteTheBostie. Please make sure to give him a follow, cuteness overload guaranteed!

Anyways, we couldn’t be more excited to share this news with all of you in this special episode where we talk about our experience of getting our first puppy, and what we’ve learned so far about how pets can impact the health of a relationship with your partner. As new dog parents, we are definitely learning a lot about taking care of a puppy (mostly as we go along…yikes), but also about how well we work together as a couple. Whether it’s deciding who’s turn it is to get up after being woken up every couple of hours in the middle of the night or which one of us is doing more work like scooping puppy poop, we now have a shared responsibility to another living being that will test our patience and relationship. Even though it’s scary, a ton of work, and time consuming we are overjoyed with our puppy and look forward to the many beautiful memories we get to build together in the coming years.

0:00 Intro

1:18 Welcome banter

1:49 Start of topic

2:26 How we got our puppy

10:20 After the ride home

13:51 Latte’s first day at home

17:52 Potty training and feeding time

24:10 Becoming dog parents

27:40 Why we wanted a puppy

35:22 Impact of having pets on relationships

43:00 Should you get a pet

47:26 Takeaways & lessons learned

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