Men Needing More Passionate and Better Sex | Ryan Thomas


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Are you a man that feels like woman are just out to get you? All women are crazy and you are tired of putting your time and energy into an endless pit of heartache and misery. Of course, you do everything right and it’s those darn women in some kind of demon club created to destroy your life. Even though you are the only common denominator in all of your relationships, it’s still those evil witches from the deepest darkest levels of hell that are inflicting this tremendous amount of pain on you with nothing but the most intense pleasure in their eyes as they rip your heart out of your chest and stomp on it over and over again. Yeah…that makes sense! I may be going out on a limb here but maybe it’s you? We found a man that discovered he was the problem, the hard way, did the hard work to change it. Now he helps other men balance masculinity, emotional growth, personal awareness and intimacy to have a more passionate relationship with women and oh yeah…better sex.
Our guest today, Ryan Thomas, is the Founder of The Intimate Lifestyle and host of The Intimate Lifestyle Podcast. Ryan is an 11 year army veteran and certified hypnotherapist that helps men build confidence in their relationships. Coming from a super macho background, and transitioning into the personal growth, healthy sexuality, relationships and intimacy realm gives Ryan a unique perspective that is invaluable to men who are struggling with women. Ryan helps men that keep getting broken up with, date the wrong kind of women, have sexual dysfunction and are consistently disrespected by their partners. He provides these men with the tools and skills needed to have a life with more passionate and better sex. He’s making a positive change for so many men and the women lucky enough to be with a man that Ryan has transformed. Sit back and enjoy this intimate interview with Ryan Thomas.

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