The problems customers have with us Electricians.... do you agree...


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In the previous episodes, we've talked about

the customers and their problems and

today I'm just going to go through the

problems that I've come up we've all

researched and found and so you run

through them step-by-step so the first

one I think is well the most dominant

one is we don't show up or they don't

show electricians don't show up when

they say they would and this is for me

I've won numerous jobs just because I

was the electrician that showed up when

I would show up and this is like the

first step in the marketing it's like

doing what you say you would do if you

can't make it don't make the promises

and this is kind of where we can use

that in marketing so you can go hey if I

don't show up I'm going to give you 50

bucks like that might be the solution so

the customer knows well and that this

electrician if I don't show up I can do

and then you honor that and use that as

a testimony to help you with your

marketing so that's number one and see

how we're going problem

so Lou

and using that in the marketing this is

kind of a three-step process that I want

to go through number two is bad quality

of workmanship and I've also had this

I've had contractors or electrician

electrical contractors under me who have

done shonky jobs so the put up the

lights and it's just like crooked

sideways leaking water gets in you know

all these type of things and how the

customer call me up and go hey what are

you doing like like your guys come here

and he places all the lights the crooked

weak and wobbly and what do you do so

stalking the solution to this is

guaranteeing your work so reassuring the

customer all job held to a higher

quality of standard in your not how

people come back free of charge to do it

so that's kind of like having a

guarantee having testimonies having case

studies having references to back that

up so and then you can use this as your

marketing so you can go hey have you

ever had a shitty job done by

electrician well don't worry I've got

you covered we've got a warranty of X Y

Z but we also guarantee to do this if

you don't you know there's other things

just what can you use in your marketing

to help reassure or take that pain point

away from the customer next we have not

doing what they say they would do so not

doing what if I said I'm going to

install two powerpoints for 200 bucks

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