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hey guys James rest here from marketing
secrets for electricians again and today
we're talking about marketing for
electricians and really where it all
starts what's the first thing you need
to know in order to start marketing so
let's look into that so here's what a
here a lot
how do normal electricians of like us
who are properly trained and licensed
who are not going to cheat and take
shortcuts and who are wanting to own a
successful electrical business how do we
compete against the big guys who own the
market share all the guys the charge
peanuts for an electrical job on top of
that we want to employ the best
electricians so we can get off the tools
and have plenty of time for other areas
of life that's the question
join me and follow along as we search
for the answers my name is change rest
and welcome to marketing secrets for
electricians so what's going on guys
today we're talking about marketing for
electricians and where you want to start
with so the very starting point is
understanding your customers so in a
previous episode we talked about Liz and
Fred who are our custom customers
avatars so they represent our dream
customer that we want to work with or
that they are our electrical business
wants to serve and this helps us decide
if we're making the right decision for
the customer so it takes that decision
off our plate because we go we can look
at it logically step back from a
third-party perspective and go okay dude
by me making this decision does it help
me serve my customer or does it take me
away from my customer what does it like
d-day the value I'm giving them so if
you haven't done that or I hope you've
got a list a visualization of who this
dream customer is in your head a
representation so it can help you make
those decisions now
you guys have the advantage of being
everyday connecting with your customers
to find out and you can use this to find
out what is
so in the online world it's a bit harder
you gotta go into forums you've got to
like dig deeper but if you've already
got a customer base and clientele that
you're already working with you'll be in
the house they'll be talking to you and
that will be asking you questions and
they'll be giving you their concerns
their pain points and you can take note
of these because these are the most
valuable things you actually trust me
can be giving you they're telling you
their problems and their businesses is
there to solve a person's problem and
you want to solve their electrical
problems and they're going to tell you
all about them because people like
talking about that problem so this is a
great opportunity for you to connect
with them and just take notes so when
they're saying something hey I don't
like this or hey this or hey that like
what your phone just write it down or
make a mental note just put it down
somewhere so you can review it when you
go to do your marketing training or as
green your your your copy or whatever it
may be so from that we're going to look
at the three main viewpoints view points
for lenses that we look we can look at
the electrical market so the electrical
market is the industry that you're
serving now it's like the electrical
industry as a whole so that's like the
most domestic commercial these are like
some niches of the electrical industry
so we're looking at three there's three
main lenses to look at it from and the
first one is health and then it's

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