Referrals through the Referral Ninja Master Framework with Stacey Brown Randall Chief Referral Ninja Master - Episode 149


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Intro Referrals, no matter how much we like to think that our own communications tactics alone is what will drive our success, this type of Marketing can be very successful. We all know how much word of mouth and the opinions of others can influence our decision-making process, so if we can have some sort of control over this, some way of building a referral system, then surely this would be a long-term tactic that will pay off.

Enter Stacey Brown-Randall. Stacey teaches small business owners and sales professionals how to generate referrals without asking, without the dark arts of manipulation and even through being your authentic-self. Why should we believe her? Because this is how Stacey built her own business up and now she’s here to walk us through the Referral Ninja Master Framework™.

In this episode we cover; - Old school referral tactics and why they don’t work Go through the 6 integral elements to a great referral strategy: 1 - Laying the ground work 2 – Referral source identification 3 – Building a referral experience 4 – Planting those referral seeds 5 – Planning and implementation 6 – Tracking results and improvements - And explore the mentality of play the long game

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Takeaways Top Tip Stacey mentioned ‘referral seeds’ which are the touch-points where consumers come into contact with your business. I’m a huge fan of knowing and understanding your touch-points and improving these to improve your overall referral success rate.

Favourite Quote When Stacey looked back at the old school tactics getting referrals which were ‘you have to ask for them…. You have to pay for them… You have to be overly promotional or gimmicky’ which can lead to the falsehood of viewing these as the only tactics that work. Don’t let that happen!

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode If you want to improve your referral rate, think of the quality not the quantity. If you do this, you’ll see your closing ratio improve. So, let’s start to put some thought behind our referral tactics.

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