Strategic Marketing Theories Explained – Stakeholder Mapping (2 of 6) - Episode 136


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Intro This is part two of six.

Over the next six weeks we’ll have a slightly different feel on the podcast, It’s just going to be me, myself and I, as I chat through six of the most important and influential theory’s within Marketing.

This six part series is actually the second season in reviewing, explaining and demonstrating how to use these powerful Marketing tools, but it’s the first time I’ve shared it on the podcast.

Why am I doing this? I’ve partnered up with Professional Academy (intro to them later) to bring all those aspiring Marketers six explainer live episodes, which you can catch on a Thursday (link in the show notes)

This has been put together to make you a better All-Round Marketer, from Auditing, right through to controls and measurements.

This week we take a look at STAKEHOLDER MAPPING

Watch the video series:

Podcast Summary Stakeholder mapping allows you to identify key players that will influence your project and its success;

1. Find out who has the most influence 2. Focus on those who will benefit most. Probably who serve 3. See where resources are needed and what they are 4. Have a game plan to manage, monitor and control

If you don’t understand your stakeholders, you are placing an insular view on your world and those that can influence what you are doing. This will become a hindrance and cause major issues in the long-term.

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