Ep. 116: What Investing $70k in 1.5 hrs Has Given Us


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The other day I was standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast and my mind drifted off to counting the different amounts we have investing in coaching and mentoring for business (and life over the last year and half).

I had to almost sit down when I realized it was upwards of $70K 😳

I was speechless...

Mainly because when we got serious about this business journey (like REALLY serious) we sacrificed BIG TIME in order to learn the skills that would literally change our lives.

We didn’t set out to invest such a substantial amount in such a short time, BUT we ALSO knew there was no turning back when we set forth.

In episode 116115 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we’re taking you behind the scenes and sharing what life looks like on the other side of such a major investment into ourselves.

Just so you know, this investment was mainly with one program (Russell Brunson’s Two Comma Coaching and our mindset and sales coach Myron Golden).

There’s a lot that we have to say, so go ahead and take a listen. Hoping that our story informs and empowers you as you move forward.

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

OL and Sway

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