Ep 19 Beyond Talk with Faith Moore-McKinney: Black Biz Networks


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Community stakeholders and entrepreneurs, today on Beyond Talk with Faith Moore-McKinney, we go interactive and directly Black Business Directories, Black social and job networks on episode 19 of Beyond Talk with Faith Moore-McKinney. Call In (646) 716-7994. Ask questions, share commentary and recommendations. Press #1 to speak. BEYONDTALK goes beyond talk to compel you to strategically do. Hosted by America's number one Personal & Media Brand Strategist, Faith Moore-McKinney, BEYOND TALK with Faith Moore-McKinney has been deemed the official radio broadcast of the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo (BEEDC). Discover . Join . Connect: buyblack.io - Google Chrome Appwebuyblack.com - directory / marketplacetuloko.com - directory / events / socialblack tradelines / circle - everythingranktribe - directory / marketplacespendwith.in - multicultural marketplaces and directoriesizaniamarket.com - business marketing program for handmade and unique goods (free listing)blackjunction.com - black owned social networkintelligentsearchagents.com - job seeker / employer networkwww.FaithMcKinney.comShow archives BeyondTalk.beedconference.org

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