Episode 2: Zowie Aleshire


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Photo by Zowie Aleshire

Photo by Zowie Aleshire

Ahhhhh Zowie Aleshire... (it's funny because it's me). This episode basically exists because it is hard to get anyone to agree to an interview over winter holidays. It is a flu-induced combination of how I got into climbing (which gets kiiiinda personal), why I keep climbing, my favorite and most common Crag Snacks! (hint: not healthy/usually bags of potato chips), and the most adorable slash worst behaved #cragdog of all time Whally Ann Aleshire. He really is just so, so, so cute.

You can find more from Zowie on this website- she literally made it and wrote everything on it that isn't housed in quotations. She is also on Instagram and Facebook. She'd also like to plug the social media options for MasterBeta Ladies (in case you missed them somehow) on Instagram and Facebook.

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