7 Simple Tips that will help you more done in 2018 - Episode #10


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The big difference between those who succeed and those who fail is as simple as those who succeed talk less and do more. In other words, they take action. They spend time doing things that matter. In this Episode, DAP users Torey Lynn, Jeff Sanders and Molly Martin share their thoughts on the one thing they would do differently in their businesses in 2018.

There is a big difference between striving for excellence and striving for perfection. Perfectionism causes stress, perfectionism crushes creativity, perfectionism prevents productivity and ultimately prevent you from building and growing a successful online business. Strive to create an excellent product but do not focus on minor and unnecessary details that will keep you from getting it out there.

In this episode I have shared my top 7 tips to get more done and get things out there. Take a listen to this value-packed episode to learn about how simple changes to your daily routine will allow you to be more productive, more focussed, do things that matter and accomplish your goals.

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