Why Artificial Intelligence is the foundation of creative growth in marketing | David Fairfull


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This is a cross release episode with our awesome friends Neuralle and the Uncommon Podcast down in Melbourne, Australia. Metigy, CEO, and co-founder David Fairfull was interviewed by host, Jordan Michaelides. Since Metigy is a marketing platform and tool for SMEs. We really get under the hood of all things business, tech and marketing. Artificial Intelligence - not being a fad

  • Social Media Marketing Predictions
  • Surprises from getting Customer Insights
  • The positioning of Metigy as a platform in an established industry
  • Metigy’s purpose, road map and timeline
  • Lessons from David’s past career experience as the managing partner at We Are Social
  • His morning routine, best purchase under $200 and so much more


"How do you solve the problem you're on now, but how do you get to really where you want to be? I think the nature of an entrepreneur is you need to be able to get in and do the details as well."

"Most entrepreneurs are inquisitive. They want to solve a problem that nobody else has really solved and they're absolutely determined to make that happen. That's the driving force."

"AI is the perfect application for marketing, right? Because it is about the ability to be able to process large volumes of data and make decisions on that data faster than a human."

"With AI knowledge, the human can be so much more creative to deliver a fantastic outcome."

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4 x 4 x 48 a fitness concept by David Goggins

Queen’s Gamit a Netflix series David Fairfull appreciated between international calls

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Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

Cable Cowboys by Mark Robichaux

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