How Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries


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Our audio content manager, Daren Lake decided to create audio candy for your ears. This episode is meant to be consumed with headphones on and will take you on a journey spanning from 200,000 years ago to the present.

All in the hopes of having you better understand Metigy, SMEs, marketing and the potential for your own business’ future.

In this episode you will learn;

  • What exactly an SME is
  • Metigy’s technology explained in a simple analogy
  • How to solve problems for your customers
  • The world history of problems and solutions (that all relate back to business and marketing)
  • Stopping the SME superman syndrome
  • Artificial intelligence explained through Instagram
  • Product Market Fit
  • Predictions on marketing, artificial intelligence and SMEs
  • And More


Daren Lake on AI and on product market fit:

  • “Artificial intelligence while scary isn't as much about a Terminator future but more about a future that we are already living.”
  • "The maps app or chess game that you use on your smart phone is specific artificial intelligence. The Facebook and Instagram algorithims that you use right now are all based on machine learning from human inputs to then execute different outcomes."
  • "Finding PMF is when you made something that people want. Your customers, clients or users just want to tell other people to use your product (without any incentive)."

David Fairfull on Metigy App tech stack-

  • “How many different technologies do we use to help us do the marketing function? We don't have them connected, right? The proposition is the need to finally have one true source of all data and could make a great decision.”
  • “Technology is not being there to harness the value of that data. It (currently) comes back to humans interpreting that. AI is a fantastic application in this environment to process that data once it's all connected and distill it down to the thing you should do today.”

Johnson Lin's angle on failing to get to PMF faster-

  • "The approach you will want to be taking is earlier validation and fail faster. We can go to the next iteration if the previous one is not working.”
  • Daren's take: “Fail Fast. Don't run and work harder. Fail faster and learn in the early stages”

Brendan Hill on superhero syndrome-

  • “I wanted to do the accounting, the marketing, the customer support… But there's only 24 hours in a day. Unless you're Elon Musk- he seems to find a lot more hours in the day somehow. For average, normal, small business owners, time pressure is a real thing.”

Thiago Zandonai on what Metigy does

  • Connect your social channels in Metigy and we start giving you insights and recommendations to grow your business. You just connect them and boom, you're done.

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