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Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana Podcast - Authentic stories from global entrepreneurs & innovators before their ventures and amongst constant instability's.Launched April 2020 - When the coronavirus hit, small business owners globally were forced to navigate new grounds and make difficult decisions – from moving operations online, reducing staff or instantly creating new revenue streams. Our innovators and entrepreneurs are among the majority of small business owners directly impacted by the economic fallout from COVID19, but don’t count them out because they are and will continue to mind their businesses.Minding Your Business with Jodi-Tatiana is a place where small businesses around the world can talk about their business, how and what they are doing to keep a float during the pandemic and what they will need to mind it well after. As the host, Jodi-Tatiana Charles brings 30+ years of international market research and expertise, in support of the sustainability of small business. Her passion and commitment stem from her upbringing as a first generation Haitian-American, careers in the media & government as well as her reputation in the entrepreneurial eco-system, making her the perfect person to lead the task of sharing these inspiring stories. Getting their message of hope out to other small businesses who are struggling to keep their doors open, employees working, vendors paid, and revenue flowing, is essential. There are many options available to small businesses, but few ways for them to easily learn about these opportunities. Researching where to find information on their own takes up valuable time. This easily-accessible podcast solves that problem – it’s a pragmatic, time-saving, one-stop-shop. It tells other small business owners’ tales of success and how they happened.We welcome you to join the conversation. #supportsmallbusinessView episodes on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MindingYourBusinesswithJodiTatiana

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