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  • Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
  • Andrew Davis - Senior Developer for InLeague LLC

News and Events
Charlie Arehart - CF Updates Temporarily Missing - Get them here
Adobe’s Jar files are temp gone, so the updates menu in the admin won’t work, and the Adobe website does not have them either. Charlie has added them all to CFML Repo ( a project Gavin started years ago ) and they can be trusted, as much as you trust Charlie and Gavin.Blog on Charlie’s site: the ColdFusion Community Site:
Zoom Webinar - May 15th at 5PM - Cut Root-Cause Analysis Time Using FusionReactor
The Seattle ColdFusion User Group is hosting an online ZOOM webinar Wednesday, May 15 at 5pm Pacific with ColdFusion troubleshooter extraordinaire Charlie Arehart on using FusionReactor! Come join us.
Announcing Foundeo Security Bundle:
Foundeo announced the new pricing, include bundles so you can get all of your favorite Foundeo Security in one monthly subscription. + FuseGuard + HackMyCF starts at $96/mo
Adobe Roadshows
The Adobe ColdFusion team will be traveling around the country, looking to bring rapid application developers together. Register for a breakfast meet near you to interact with the team, enhance your knowledge of Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) and network with local professionals, all while feasting on a delicious breakfast spread.
  • May 23rd - Orange County Breakfast Meet
Register now -
Adobe CF Summit - Workshops and Conference
Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Certificate Program
From the CF Summit Website:
The Adobe ColdFusion Specialist is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe ColdFusion experts. You will be enrolled into the course as soon as you register and will receive course instructions and prep materials two weeks prior to the on-site program date. Following the training you will complete an online assessment – upon successful completion, you will receive your Adobe ColdFusion Specialist certificate.
It has been a long time since the last ColdFusion Certification program, back with ColdFusion 9 I believe.
LocationThe Mirage, Las Vegas3400 S Las Vegas BlvdLas Vegas, Nevada, United States89109
Dates:September 30, 2019 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PMPrice: $399.00 - this is early bird pricing
ColdBox From Zero to Hero - Bootcamp Training
Bangalore, India | October 16-17, 2019 - by Luis Majano
Very popular ColdBox training, a great way to get your feet wet and jump start your ColdBox development.
Project Overview:
We will be building a real twitter clone: SoapBox. We will use HMVC conventions, including BDD / TDD testing to build out the application including the usage of many different ForgeBox modules and industry standards.
Price: $599 for 2 days
Group discounted pricing available for $499Register now:
CF Camp - Workshops and Conference
October 17th and 18th in Munich, Freising, Germany.Read more now: - Tickets not available yet.You can see the great lineup of speakers and sessions from last year on the site now. They will update as the speakers and sessions for this year is finalized.
Call for Speakers is open -
Deadline is July 7thNolan Erck has already submitted 19, so if you want to speak, hurry up and submit before he crashed their database :)
Workshops are usually available the day prior to the conference as well, so give yourself an extra day to participate in Ortus Training, or other great companies like Preside. We will announce them when we know more details.
Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week
Nolan Erck - Into the Box 2019 Recap

Quote: “Did you miss it? Do you write CFML for a living? Big mistake! ;)”
ForgeBox Module of the Week
Type: CommandBox ModuleLink: module registers a cfformat command in CommandBox that can be used to format CFML components.At Into the Box a lot of people were playing with this, integrating it with VS Code to format on save, like some Javascript tools. Gone are the days where formatting is the reason your pull request code review gets rejected.Author: John BerquistInstall: box install commandbox-cfformatSubmitted by: Andrew
VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week
Extension: Indent-Rainbow ( oderwat.indent-rainbow )
Oderwat - 570,801 downloadsDescription: Makes indentation easier to read. This extension colorizes the indentation in front of your text alternating four different colors on each step. Some may find it helpful in writing code for Nim or Python.Link: by: Gavin
Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters
These individuals are personally supporting our open source initiatives to ensure the great toolings like CommandBox, ForgeBox, ColdBox, ContentBox, TestBox and all the other boxes keep getting the continuous development they need, and funds the cloud infrastructure at our community relies on like ForgeBox for our Package Management with CommandBox.
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