How ETFs Are Changing


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How regulatory changes could lead to a boom in new ETFs, including actively managed ETFs. Why ETFs continue to be one of the most innovative, cost effective and tax efficient investment vehicles.

Topic covered include:

  • How big is the ETF market relative to mutual funds.
  • What are the benefits of ETFs that have allowed them to gain market share from mutal funds.
  • What are some of the negatives with ETFs.
  • What has changed to make it easier for sponsors to launch new ETFs.
  • How do non-transparent actively managed ETFs work.
  • What are some examples of more complicated, outcome-based ETFs.

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  • [2:45] The benefits of ETFs
  • [8:40] Challenges with ETFs
  • [12:50] The rules that have changed
  • [15:25] What is an AP Representative?
  • [18:40] Should you invest in actively managed ETFs?
  • [21:30] All about outcome Based ETFs
  • [26:20] Understand what drives performance

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