AWAKEN: Joanne Ameya Cohen on Healing with Flower Essences (Ep. 38)


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Episode 38: Awaken

Joanne Ameya Cohen on the healing power of flower essences.

"There’s no one way to communicate with nature, it’s all right, it’s all supreme.” - Joanna Ameya Cohen

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with Joanne Ameya Cohen about the healing power of flower essences.



Joanne Ameya Cohen is the Founder of the Woman Rising Mystery School. She is dedicated to supporting womxn remember and reclaim their embodied essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, Venus, and Moon. Through Ameya’s extensive training in the Mystical Arts of Shamanic Studies, Flower Essences, Moon Wisdom, and her Priestess Path, she expertly guides women to activate their Soul coding and awaken the grace of the Great Mystery that resides within. Ameya lives in Southern California with her partner and son.

“We do have an innate connection with the natural world,” says Ameya. We talk about connecting with the spirit of plants, opening our five senses and bringing our full presence to nature. We discuss awakening to the priestess path, motherhood in the time of a pandemic and the transformative power of asking great questions. She explains, “when we ask great questions, that’s when our reality starts to change.“

We also talk about:

  • Learning to trust ourselves

  • Attuning to a plant or tree

  • Sitting in reciprocity with nature


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