LISTEN: Rae Hart on Working with the Magic of Mushrooms (Ep. 26)


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Episode 26: Listen

Learn about working with the magic of mushrooms with fungi farmer and herbalist Rae Hart.

"Find what delights you and go towards that.” - Rae Hart

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with fungi farmer and herbalist Rae Hart of Ground Culture about trust, deep listening and working with the magic of mushrooms.



Rae Hart is a fungi farmer, registered nurse, herbalist, artist and beetender who is dedicated to community health and regenerative agriculture. She is the founder of Ground Culture, a women-owned, community-supported mushroom farm on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. Rae also serves as the apothecary manager, herbal clinician and mentor at the People’s Health Clinic of Portland, a free integrative health resource for those living at the crossroads of economic injustice and other systemic oppressions.

Rae shares her story of leaving a career in nursing to grow medicine on the land. We discuss connection with plant allies, working with intuition and the wisdom of darkness. She says, “we have to start looking at the dark and opening ourselves to the silence and the rest.” We also talk about the unique transition time we find ourselves in on the planet and the ways in which fungi reveal solutions.

We also talk about:

  • Rest as activism

  • Dealing with jealousy as we uncover our gifts

  • Relearning how to grow things

  • Reciprocal relationships

  • Breaking down barriers with delight


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