NEST: Alice Engelstad on the Spiritual Art of Homemaking (Ep. 36)


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Episode 36: Nest

Alice Engelstad on the spiritual art of homemaking.

"Homemaking is creating safety and beauty in your nest while understanding and reconnecting to ourselves and to our inherent goodness.” - Alice Engelstad

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with homemaking mentor Alice Engelstad about the practical and spiritual art of tending your nest. We dive into strategies for building inner stability, creating harmony in the home and having the courage to go deep into our belief systems so that we can heal and change.



Alice Engelstad holds the integrity of the hearth supporting individuals and families in all practical and spiritual aspects of home making. For all of her offerings, she draws upon her rich Inupiaq and Norwegian heritage for guidance. Alice is a Portland native, educator, parent and healer, who has raised a son named Sam, three dogs, eleven chickens, and one very small pig. She is a Master Waldorf early childhood educator, trained in mindfulness, self compassion and sacred practices.

“Our home is really a womb,” says Alice. We talk about decluttering as a doorway to increased creativity and how objects and spaces hold energy. She asks, “do our homes hold our stuff or do our homes hold our family members?” We discuss the role of rhythm in family life and how to create meaningful pauses in our day. We talk about the importance of self-compassion and being gentle with our own self talk. Alice emphasizes humor, levity and flexibility in the process of creating your own sanctuary.

We also talk about:

  • Organizing as a practice of inner connection

  • Objects as an avatar of some aspect of ourselves

  • Perfectionism vs. self compassion

  • Approaching daily tasks with care and reverence

  • The nest as a container for growth


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