SPEAK: Joy Donnell on Storytelling and Cultural Legacy (Ep. 28)


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Episode 28: Speak

Learn about storytelling, creativity and cultural legacy with producer and author Joy Donnell.

"Words create worlds.” - Joy Donnell

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with producer and author Joy Donnell about the power of storytelling. Joy shares her unique perspective on creativity, intention-setting and finding the authentic voice within. As Joy says,"it’s an important time for people who work with words.”



Joy Donnell is a producer, author and strategist who uses media to build legacy. She utilizes luxury media as a form of social justice by highlighting entrepreneurs preserving ancestral skills through artisan couture brands. Her pieces for HuffPost focus on creativity, well-being and culture. Her streaming limited series with DemandAfrica called "What If Movie Icons Wore African Fashion?" showcases the variety that exists within African fashion. Joy speaks internationally about media, parity, self-compassion and publicity. Her book, Beyond Brand, looks at harnessing one's innate power, inner joy and media outreach to create a living legacy.

We talk about how public speaking can be an experience of relationship and true reciprocity. We discuss privilege, betrayal and whose story is getting funded in the media today. She explains, "The stories that we know are the stories that got funded…Who ended up on buildings and who ended up buried? Who got pushed to the margins and who got magnified?"

We also talk about:

  • Positive self talk

  • Affirmations & intention-setting

  • The need for new stories about the feminine

  • Representation in media

  • Her new book, “Beyond Brand”

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