More Than A Mother: Triumph After Trauma


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Hey there, Mom friends!Are you tired of feeling stuck, stagnant, and feeling like you are running in circles? Does it seem like no matter how much work you do, you are struggling to make progress? I bet it is frustrating, overwhelming, and often has you ready to give up. Whether you are starting a business, getting your health in order, or just trying to be your personal best, you keep doing all the work in order to achieve your goals, but nothing is working. I get it, I have been there! Have you ever thought about the role your past plays in your present? Have you considered how those past experiences and emotions impact every area of your life including your personal and professional goals? The fact of the matter is your unresolved trauma can inhibit your growth and leave you running on the hamster wheel of life. It is time for you to stop running in circles. Moms, we are the queens of covering things up, burying and suppressing our emotions all because we feel we have to keep it together for our family. Well, that stops today! You are a human being, a woman first. You have emotions, needs/wants, dreams, and goals just like everyone else. Stop putting yourself on the backburner and finally heal from and deal with your issues so you can be free and create the life of your dreams.I created More Than a Mother-Triumph After Trauma podcast to help you do just that. This weekly podcast will deep dive into the issues that impact you as a whole woman, not just a mother. Each week, I’m bringing you inspirational stories, tips, and practical strategies to help you start to understand your trauma and take the steps necessary to transform your trauma into strength and power. I’m sure when you hear the word trauma, you think of the horrific, catastrophic events that occur, but I bet you don't think about stressful life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, job loss, illness, or any of the other overwhelming life experiences. All of these can cause trauma and many times you don't realize just how much this unresolved trauma influences your daily life.On this podcast, we will explore various traumatic experiences, discuss the foundations and the impact of trauma, as well as how trauma presents itself in your life including in your business and motherhood. Most importantly, we will discuss actionable steps you can take to work through your unresolved trauma and turn your trauma into triumph. On this show, I will show you how you can master your mindset, reclaim your power, and own your time so you can unleash your full potential in life.I am bringing you inspirational stories from moms just like you who will share their personal growth and transformation stories. These moms will share how they healed, worked through and transformed their trauma so they could build abundant businesses, crush every one of their dreams and goals and show up as their best self in all areas of life especially motherhood. These are stories of hope, growth, resilience, faith, and healing. They will uplift and empower you on your journey and as well as educate you on the steps you can take to turn your struggle to strength and your mess into your message so you can live with boldness, purpose, and authenticity. Leading industry experts will also join me to encourage you on your transformation journey.Welcome to More Than a Mother: Triumph After Trauma. The story behind the mother, business, and brand. You are more than a mother and more than your trauma. Now is your time to rise up, rise above, and manifest the life and business of your dreams. No more doubt, you are definitely in the right place.Find out more: https://LaWannMoses.comConnect: with me:

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