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Mama, are you tired of feeling like you have nothing left to pour out, and yet still feel like you’re somehow not giving enough? Do you wish you could stop rehearsing the same patterns from your family that you swore to yourself you would never repeat? Are you sick of spending hours worrying about your kids and being constantly bombarded with all of the “what ifs” that take over your mind? Do you wish you didn’t feel like you just had to survive this season and that you could actually enjoy it? How about waking up excited for the day, feeling confident as a mother, and living out those dreams you abandoned so long ago? In this podcast, you will find tools, wisdom, and encouragement to help you step into the life you were created for! We will dig into healing from your past by re-aligning your identity with Christ, shining a light on depression and anxiety, and ending the cycles of unhealthy family patterns. We will work to help you craft a healthy, joy-filled life by creating healthy habits, diving into boundaries, and discussing practicals to being a godly wife and raising our kids with intention. We will equip you to spread hope into the world by discovering your gifts and passions, resurrecting old dreams, and learning how to take the freedom you have found and bring others in on it! If you’re ready to move from anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, and to step into the abundant wide open life that God is calling you to then I think you have found your spot, Mama. Hi, I’m Brittany, your guide to navigating this journey of healing. I have spent years as a therapist, leader, and coach, helping people move out of the spaces they have been stuck in. I also have walked through my own journey of healing from decades of depression, anxiety, anger, and a deep belief that I am not good enough. I am here because God used a miscarriage to show me I had nothing to fear and that it was time to use all that he has healed in me to spread his message of hope into the world. So mama, grab your coffee and journal so we can unpack what it looks like to live a life you were created for! We are going to get super real, laugh about our quirks, and do the heavy lifting to transform our pain into purpose. If you’re ready to grab hold of your courage, step out in faith, you will discover that your life can become more than you ever dreamed possible. THIS is Morning, Mama! A place for you to throw off all that has been holding you back and run into true freedom. Let’s go!! COMMUNITY--> CONNECT--> INSTAGRAM-->

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