12 - Dracula's Angel


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Cosy on down under the blankets, throw another log on the fire, and prepare for some long winter night spookin's as we bring you the fabled...lost halloween episode. That's right, just in time for the holiday season we've managed to recover this special episode originally intended to air on October 31st -- before Rosa left her laptop on a train, and it took a tour of the south of england for a month or so. It's back and so are we, with this arguably less than timely breakdown of Dracula's Angel (2014). It's our first foray into (extremely) indie animation, and good sweet god did we have ourselves a time. Bloodshed! Wolves! Questionable Irish accents! Anecdotes about Cami's real life suffering! A minimum of one Dracula! This episode really has it all.

Movie: Dracula's Angel (2014) Director: Bryan Beasley Rating: if you only watch one movie about single mindedly pursuing a romance with literal dracula this year, well, that's still a pretty good average

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