Episode #29: VELOCITY RESTORATIONS - USA Made Builds


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Fancy a Classic Ford Bronco or a vintage Camaro? Then this is the place to go; Velocity Restorations stretches out the limits of creativity in giving you the best vintage vehicle, fully restored and customized just the way you want it. The Velocity team breathes new life into vintage trucks of all kinds. Let's learn more about the shop and its award-winning restoration process.

NC Shop Talk welcomes Cody Dabney, Director of Custom Vehicle Operations at Velocity Restorations LLC, a high-end, classic car restoration center in Pensacola, Florida. The shop specializes in modernizing 1966-1977 Classic Ford Broncos, International Scouts, and a wide range of vintage vehicles. Velocity Restoration has become internationally known for its superior restorations which have collected top awards at the industry’s most significant events.

“If you're going to somebody that has the same passion that you do in the industry, you're going to get a great product. So it makes sense to work with those types of people in the industry. We don't want anything subpar.”

– Cody Dabney

In This Episode:

  • How Cody went from being a truck painter to managing shop operations
  • Why continuous learning is a philosophy embodied by Cody and the Velocity team
  • Cody discusses how their operations run where everything is made by hand
  • What separates Velocity from everyone else in the industry?
  • Cody proudly shares the quality of work they do and takes Mal on a test drive aboard a Ford Bronco
  • Cody plays the Rapid Fire Hot Seat (time to hear interestingly fun stuff about him!)
  • Why Velocity employ Roadster Shop chassis for their custom builds
  • Cody talks about their experience joining the 2022 SEMA Battle of the Builders
  • The continuous quest for excellence is part of Cody's long-term plan for Velocity, so we can definitely expect more great things from this shop

And more!

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