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The title of this episode sums up exactly who we have on the show today. Revo Reeves is one of the original big-ticket interior builders in the nation. He was featured in dozens of auto-themed shows and hundreds of magazine covers. This guy has also worked with big-name celebrities. In addition, he is a world-class designer and creator of show-quality automotive interiors. Revo established Stitchcraft Interiors in 1978, and it quickly became known for its innovative and award-winning custom interiors.

NC Shop Talk welcomes Television Royalty & Industry OG Revo Reeves!

“The key word, especially in this world, is knowing how and when to pivot. ”

- Revo Reeves

In This Episode:

  • The beginning of Revo and Mal’s friendship
  • Revo shares some details about his childhood and how he got into the business
  • Discover the many lives of Revo (model, drummer, inventor, etc.)
  • Revo talks about how he got the Rockstar Energy drink sponsorship, designing interiors for Ford, fun shows, awards, working with big names in the industry, and other inspiring stories.
  • Why is it difficult to find people who are willing to learn the custom interior trade?
  • What else is in store for Revo Reeves? Goals, dreams, and aspirations for the next 10 years…
  • Mal puts Revo on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!
  • And much more!

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