Episode 3 - Trevor, Politics, Trump, Retrospection, & Failure


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Trevor (https://twitter.com/Trailey7) joins Axel and Frank to discuss news and politics: intro, Twitter & discussing the news (1:00), Trump & Republican primary (7:00), Middle East policies (22:05), and Trevor flips the interview & offers closing thoughts (35:15). In part 2, Axel and Frank discuss Frank's personal story about failure (37:39), Turkish no-train half-marathon fail (41:08), Stoicism and Thomas Edison (46:25), retrospection through journaling (49:15), what still puzzles you? (55:50), creativity & study habits (58:30), and closing thoughts (1:02:50). Obstacle is the Way, http://www.amazon.com/The-Obstacle-Is-Way-Timeless/dp/1591846358

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