Episode 4 - Travel Tips & Stories


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On this week’s pod Frank and Axel tell travel stories and offer travel tips beginning with Axel’s favorite overall trip (2:40), driving in Turkey (8:40), travel philosophies (18:07), Frank’s spontaneous trip to Montreal (21:15), festivals and community calendars (24:00), Axel’s gameplan for finding random adventures (26:48), hitchhiking to Bulgaria (31:00), “You can’t put a price on fun” (34:37), The World’s Worst Bar (36:05), most surprising place Axel’s visited (41:41), Frank’s nerdy travel tips (50:00), Bulgarian hostel disaster (53:40), journal your experiences (1:01:40), integrating into the culture (1:02:50), rapid fire tips (1:12), and wrap up (1:13:24). The Early Reset (Intro Song) http://noisetrade.com/theearlyreset/full-potential-ep India Someday (planning your travel in India) http://indiasomeday.com/

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