Sound & Groove: "First Name Basis" Part 2


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Louisiana native Tony Joe White brought a sound straight from the bayou to the thriving late 60s soul scene, penning several signature cuts not only for himself but other artists- namely "Rainy Night in Georgia" for Brook Benton. One of those other big cuts, his immortal backwoods tale "Polk Salad Annie," is featured on this 2nd podcast themed episode about first names featured in song.

This is the 2nd official podcast episode of 2018 here on the Sound & Groove Podcast. It's long overdue but no need to worry, as I've pledged another 4 episodes yet to come throughout this calendar year. This is the 2nd in a 2-part theme on songs featuring first names in the title. As in, songs that mention a person's name like Steve or Martha or Rick or Emily (none of which I've actually used! But you get the picture). So check out some of my favourite tracks that fit with the motif I've come up with this time around.

And if you haven't been keeping up with S&G on Music of Evan's Mind and/or its home at, here's the breakdown: Every month there will be a theme that the selection of music is centred around. It will be jam-packed with my analysis, synopses, anecdotes and other witticisms you might enjoy while I play edited-down versions of each tune. And not to worry, because each month will contain a different theme than the last. Got it? Get it? Good. Happy listening to you all.

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Track Listing:

1. Shirley- Billy Bragg (1999 version)

2. Luck Of Lucien- A Tribe Called Quest (1990)

3. Polk Salad Annie- Tony Joe White (1969)

4. Marcus Garvey- Burning Spear (1975)

5. Ruby Baby- The Drifters (1956)

6. Buddy- De La Soul (1989)

7. Katie Belle Blue- Townes Van Zandt (1994)

8. Harpo's Blues- Phoebe Snow (1974)

Info of note:

Intro- "Virgin Man" by Smokey Robinson (1973)

Outro- "Wedding Song" by Smokey Robinson (1975)

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