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If anyone was expecting the Trump presidency to settle down they’ve been disabused of that notion. The non-stop attempts of his pursuers to trap Trump have only gotten more fevered as the second yea of Trump’s term has unfolded.

Trump supporters point to the vibrant economy, his two Supreme Court nominees, his progress in North Korea, his rollbacks of Obama era over-reach and, most of all, the revelations that people inside the government talked openly of undermining his election.

Trump’s enemies point to the chaos at the border, his turbulent management style, his refusal to put distance between himself and Vladimir Putin, his exaggerations and now his tariff wars with friends and rivals in the world.

One thing is clear since Donald Trump was named President: no one has changed anyone else’s mind since the day Trump shocked the world in 2016.
Following Trump's Presidency up close and personal is Debra Saunders, a longtime columnist and reporter who’s the White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review Journal with her work appearing across America in the Creators Syndicate outlets. She joined us in Year One on the Full Count with Bruce Dowbiggin, and we’re happy to have her back from her office in Washington, DC.

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