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Feed your soul and fill your toolbox every Thursday with Benn Marine (a trans man, outdoors person, political organizer, and social justice advocate) as he interviews organizers, activists, artists, academics, and experts about their experiences and knowledge on building community and creating change. They dive deep into social movements, fundraising, building teams, volunteer leadership development, self care, recruitment, time management, launching non-profits, resiliency work, digital organizing, direct action, coalition work, and so much more. Guests on the show also explore different progressive issues and how they are organizing around them including sexual assault prevention and consent language, organizing peer to peer support networks for trans folks, water justice, resiliency work in communities of color, and a vast array of other topics. In addition to interviews, Benn shares his own toolbox of knowledge and skills to help you be more efficient and effective in the work. So dive on in! The water's warm!

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