Cappuccino Cowboys Apologizes + Jared Hazen & Eric Senseman


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Mr. Cappuccino of the @cappuccinocowboys is back on the show to issue an apology for his performance last week. And then Jared Hazen and Eric Senseman join us, so we got to ask them why they continue to associate with Mr. Cappuccino, and more.


  • Apologies for last week (1:45)
  • If “The Guys” were Sex & the City characters (2:50)
  • Mr. Cappuccino on Jared & Eric (6:25)
  • Jared & Eric join the call?? (9:38)
  • TNF 50 Recap (14:25)
  • Which @cappuccinocowboys post made you genuinely angry? (16:45)

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