OKRACAST: The Modern Mississippi Table


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On this week's Okracast, chef Kelly English of Memphis, Tennessee talks about the upcoming Big Gay Mississippi Welcome Table. The dinner celebrates Mississippi’s LGBTQ community, and is a peaceful protest of the state’s recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Also, our weekly oral history sample comes from an interview with Greta Brown Bully. Greta met her future husband when her job required her to pay a visit to Bully’s Restaurant. The year was 1992, a decade after Bully’s Restaurant first opened its doors. She worked at a car dealership at the time and was following up on a payment owed by one of Tyrone Bully’s employees. Tyrone paid the balance on the spot. Greta started eating there regularly. First, she fell in love with the meatloaf. Her love for Tyrone grew from there. Together, they pursued a new vision for the restaurant. Today, Greta and Tyrone work together, serving up plates of seasoned-to-perfection chitterlings, tender oxtails, golden fried catfish, smothered pork chops, and fresh greens to their loyal customers. After over 20 years together, the duo is holding strong to their titles of “queen and king of Soul Food” in Jackson. Visit www.southernfoodways.org for more.

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