Brahman And Jiva


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Excerpts from the book by Smith, Huston. The World’s Religions, Revised and Updated (PP.82-83). HarperOne. Kindle-Version.

Covered here in 9:52 minutes:

In this episode, notions of brahman, jiva (individual soul), karma, and the journey of a being from the very beginning to moksha (liberation) will be the topics. Below is an excerpt of one of many.

“Individual souls, or jivas, enter the world mysteriously; by God’s power we may be sure, but how or for what reason we are unable fully to explain. Like bubbles that form on the bottom of a boiling teakettle, they make their way through the water (universe) until they break free into the limitless atmosphere of illumination (liberation). They begin as the souls of the simplest forms of life, but they do not vanish with the death of their original bodies. In the Hindu view spirit no more depends on the body it inhabits than body depends on the clothes it wears or the house it lives in. When we outgrow a suit or find our house too cramped, we exchange these for roomier ones that offer our bodies freer play.”

Souls do the same.
Worn-out garments
Are shed by the body:
Worn-out bodies
Are shed by the dweller.
(Bhagavad-Gita, II:22)

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