Self-Love And Why We Self-Sabotage Ourselves - With Jonathan Troen


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Jonathan Troen, Chief Life Officer.
Jonathan's mission: To help people find the joy inside of themselves.
Jonathan is a Life Mastery Coach, and co-founder of Austin Yoga Tree and the Life Mastery Collective. His latest creation is the Self Love Revolution. Jonathan spent 20+ years in the entertainment industry. He was living the life of his dreams, meeting the biggest stars in the world, except he wasn't happy. He couldn't figure why. He began studying people: how they lived, what motivated them and how they defined success. His studies brought him to one conclusion: Most of us are mean to ourselves, and all we really want is to be loved. He also discovered that when we seek love from outside, it is fleeting. Lasting love comes from inside of us. And since we’re not taught to love ourselves, this creates a problem. Jonathan created the Self Love Revolution specifically to share the methodology he created after 15 years of research and practice. Jonathan's belief: We all deserve success. We all deserve to be loved. And we all deserve to be treated kindly, especially by ourselves.
Bullet Points:

  • How is Mindfulness a part of the Self-Love practice? In a way it is really all of it, there are acceptance meditations, and gratitude mindfulness meditations, and forgiveness meditations... At the end of the day we review the day and we can know what we did and that is an opportunity.
  • How can we let go of or replace those voices that keep telling us you're not good enough and won't amount to anything? There are the thirteen saboteurs, the perfectionist, the procrastinator, the defender, the victim, blame is one of the saboteurs, the people pleaser, a lot of them work together... Have compassion of that inner judge that is afraid... We also have the inner team, the inner army, the future self, the child self, the intuitve one, the courageous one, the fun one...
  • With regard to the Four Pillars of Self-Love, can you elaborate more? Acceptance, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Self-Love. Here is where Jonathan shows his brilliance. Do not miss it, lots of takeaways, you can implement on a daily basis and grow...

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