The Ladder of Perception - With Mark Schwimmer


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Mark Schwimmer designs programs in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques that strengthen mindset, promoting confident mindful skills for peak results and wellness.
Trained in hypnosis, NLP, and a Master Facilitator of the MythoSelf(tm), Soma-Semantic Model(tm), Mark leads each of his clients to their Somatic Signature(tm). They experience a realization; a position where their life works exquisitely, regardless of where they are or who they are with. He is a master at teaching his clients to make great decisions, especially in times of stress, or urgency, often present as life changing needs arise. He is President of the New York Awareness Center, and runs numerous programs, professional trainings and workshops around the world.
"Whether you know it or not, you are in control, and can exercise much greater control over your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions…..the things you do, the things you say to yourself and others, the things you think, all the things that determine the quality of your life." - Mark Schwimmer
Questions asked

  • What is your definition of self?
  • Would you please describe the Ladder of Perception?

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