The Power of Integrating Meditation, Fitness, & Nutrition - with Phil Reynolds


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Phil Reynolds, The Mind-Body Mentor, states that he loves his fiancé, helping his tribe succeed, and present moment awareness. There is only NOW.
Phil spent 10 years working in and leading campus ministries in non-denominational Christianity. Then after his first spiritual awakening began studying Q'ero Shamanism, Deeksha, Hermeticism, and other esoteric paths. He believes Enlightenment is available to the masses in this Age of Information not just for the few gurus of the past.
Bullet Points of the Episode:

  • How would you define enlightenment, and when exactly did you notice that it was happening to you? I define enlightenment as being aware of your thoughts and even to the point where you see your thoughts as separate from yourself, present-moment awareness...
  • What kind of Meditation do you practice? Deeksha, Breath Work, and others...
  • How do you help people integrate those habits? Here he explains his masterclass mentioned below and how it enables to integrate spirit, mind, and body...

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