74 - Omnic Lab: Going Deep: Zenyatta

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In the Lab this week Andres & Rob sit down with another Top500 player, RossianSpy, to talk about Zenyatta on yet another transcendent edition in the going deep series. We’ll bring some yin and yang your way to hopefully experience tranquillity as you look to master this hero with us this week!

Correction from Last week:

  • Last week i misspoke about Sombra doing 50% bonus dmg to hacked targets. This is 100% incorrect. I should have said you can see targets at 50% health through walls with Opportunist like Widow Ult or Hanzo Sonic Arrow.

Going Deep: Zenyatta

  • What roles does Zen fill or what is his job in a game?

    • What are the fundamentals of the hero (maybe for Low Tier play as well)?

  • Let’s talk about using Discord Orb effective use.

    • Vancity: how/who do you prioritize (target selection) when you are not in an organized group (solo queue)

    • OmegaMan: how long do you keep discord on targets? How do you know when to switch?

  • Let’s talk about using Harmony Orb effective use.

  • How to do we get the most out of Charging up Orbs of Destruction?

    • Choosing Primary or Volley?

  • Transcendence breakdown

    • When to use, where to be, who to prioritize

    • How many kills is enough//Zoning Pressure

    • Combo ult with what?

    • Charging tips

  • Can we chat about positioning and how to use your cover & team to maximize damage and pressure?

    • Raynorwilky: how do you gauge distance from the front line during games? Are you usually far away or does the threat of flankers put you closer than you would like? Where's the sweet spot as between you & the front line?

    • Switch: Are there times where it is okay to play aggressive vs conservative in positioning

  • Now let’s work on proper engagement and disengages.

  • Switch: How important is it for Zen to act as the shotcaller in soloq/comp environment?

  • Matchups: Synergistic hero picks for team building with Zen. Heroes that give you trouble.

    • Winston_Smith: any tips for dealing with a Tracer 1v1?

    • Switch: There has been talk in the Overwatch community about new D.Va posing a particular problem for Zen (D.Va can dive and new missiles are high DPS vs. low mobility Zen). Your thoughts?

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  • Halloween Terror 2017 is out! Oct. 10 to Nov. 1

  • Console Genji Bug: “Be aware that the Henji slash bug has made it to live on both consoles. This means that Henji can perform an extra slash during his ult activation animation, resulting in a very quick kill if he ults near an enemy. There appears to be a host of patch problems (queue errors, Zenyatta new skin voice lines not added) that have affected console only. Expect a follow up patch soon, and perhaps stay away from ranked if you fear the extra lethal Genji.”

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