A Blessed Day - Part 1 (Patreon Bonus Episode)


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SPECIAL EPISODE! A Blessed Day (part 1) is a bonus episode usually only available to the "Multiverse Mob", our community on Patreon. The gang plays Dungeons and Dragons with Shawn Cruz as DM. The characters arrive in a mysterious town, famous for it's pigs and pork. A grand celebration is happening on this "blessed" of days. And a group of "trolls" are terrorizing the town, gobling up the village people...though, the townsfolk could not seem more pleasant...
This exclusive episode is a sneak peak of the bonus episodes our Multiverse Mob gets for subscribing to our Patreon for as little as $2/month. Go to www.Patreon.com/OWBTMpodcast to start your subscription!
Starring: Shawn Cruz, Anthony O'Neall, Anthony Gabba, Jacob Sonnenschein, and James Kelley.

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