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One Shot
One Shot is a podcast about role playing games. Every month, host and Game Master James D'Amato leads a group of players on a self-contained adventure. Every adventure will be wrapped up in 4-5 episodes in time for a new story, in a new system, with new players the following month. One Shot will explore ever RP system possible to give listeners a sampling of the possibilities in the wide wild of role playing.
Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about tabletop gaming of all kinds: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect board game reviews, gaming industry news and round-table discussions. The Founders, Jamie, Tony, Chris, Steve and Brian, each have varying tastes in gaming to provide a variety of viewpoints. Since 2011, over 100 full length episodes and now more with our new ...
Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.
Follow along and have some fun, in one of the longest running Real Play Podcasts.
In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds.The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.
A Podcast where we play games on Wednesday Night
RPPR Actual Play
Role Playing Public Radio's recorded RPG sessions
Terrible Warriors
Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Table Top Role Playing Games. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we are here to show that anyone and everyone can play. Recording campaigns since 2012, releasing new episodes every week, as an anthology of stories. Starting each brand new adventure with a different cast of wacky characters Support us on Patreon at
Covering the full breadth of digital, tabletop, and role playing games, The Game Design Round Table inspires and educates aspiring and experienced game designers.
A podcast presentation of our groups actual-play role playing sessions. We play in a variety of genres and systems, both long campaigns and one-shot adventures. Our cast of players come from all over the globe and we introduce new voices from our audience as they wish to play.
Join the editors of RPGFan as they discuss the latest news and topics in the world of role-playing games.
Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast.
Not-so-great-relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types. I am not a relationship expert. In fact, when it comes to giving relationship advice, I have zero qualifications. What I do have is a few (okay, 40-ish) years of life experience and a genuine interest in hearing your relationship stories. And with the help of my incredibly insightful celebrity guests, I’m on a mission to help you solve your relationship woes and improve your love life. With a few dating games, a li ...
Game Master Troy will discuss all aspects of running and playing the Fudge Role-playing Game from Grey Ghost Games, and derivatives like Fate and Icons. From hacking the rules to fit different settings and play styles, to general world-building, to reviews and interviews relevant to your interests. Strap in your ears Fudge Nation, we are going for a wild ride. Join us on the Discord or send me feedback via email Capheind AT Gmail DOT com
A weekly round table discussion about the table-top RPG hobby.
Context Free
Context Free is a podcast all about games in our lives: cardboard, console, role-playing, mobile, VR, retro. The only thing we like more than playing games is talking about games and how they intersect everything.
Do you like jokes, adventure, killing things, and friendship? Of course you do! The Damage Guild is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons 5E (5th Edition) podcast with a focus on collaborative storytelling, character-driven narrative, and improv comedy shenanigans. Join us for new episodes every Monday, so you can kiss those weekend blues goodbye and get pumped to slay the dragon of your everyday life!
If you like tabletop games and you're looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you'll love the Dice Section. We spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, more than is probably healthy, and then record our thoughts on how it held up. It's not a shallow overview... it's a deep and gory Dice Section.
Literate Gamer
OctopusPark's Literate Gamer: a discussion of games, their meaning, and their impact on people and art.
Remedial Role
Do you want to learn about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition? Do you play D&D and want to know more? Are you a student that wants to start your own game? Do you just want to have a fun and clean D&D podcast to listen to? This is the podcast for you. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Comedian Reid Pegram and host Ryan Parker bring you the latest news and views on Comedy, Punk, Games & Books. Podcasting from the steam tunnels deep beneath the soft white underbelly of Raleigh, North Carolina, new episodes are available on the first Wednesday of every month. Contact CPGB at Follow CPGB on Twitter at @cpgbpodcast Available on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher & Blubrry.
DelveCast » Delve
Welcome to DelveCast, the home of Delve the Podcast. Delve and DelveCast are dedicated to the sharing, discussion and creation of all tabletop gaming. We welcome developers, designers and all people who work on games to join and share with us what you do.
DCC RPG Podcast
Making your Star Wars RPG better
The Jank Cast
A round table discussion podcast about gaming of all kinds.
Podcasts of role playing sessions
Pull up a chair with Zach, Mark and Steve; your own personal gaming group. Every week we gather to talk about and experience all things tabletop. Between the three of us, we bring together a wide range of experiences and expertise that are guaranteed to cover your favorite hobbies in a fresh way; from role playing and board games to video games. You’re bound to learn something new. Not only do our discussions display a huge array of games and game topics (a lot more than just D&D), but we al ...
The Arcology Podcast - A Shadowrun Community Podcast
A group of friends invite you to the table as they play through a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Join Dungeon Master Brad and his friends Seth (Petrichor), Tesca (Saphina), Austin (Drip’im) , and Durell (Azarbo) in this podcast series as the explore the world of Acly’im, a homebrew world based on the Forgotten Realms. The show is minimally edited because the cast wants it to feel like a real board game night with all the fumbles and laughs that happen between the dice rolls, so grab your di ...
Phoenix Edge is a podcast devoted specifically to role playing games, both old and new. Each week, Hat and Eric take an in-depth look at various RPGs in order to analyze them, discuss them and compare them to other games in the genre. The show can also be found on YouTube by searching Phoneix Edge an RPG Podcast.
Iconic Podcast
A bi-weekly podcast that delves into the 13th Age gaming system by Pelgrane Press. During the off-weeks, we explore a number of other gaming systems and topics.
The podcast of tabletop RPG fans across the Channel, the Pond and beyond.
The South Figaro Podcast features some of the most passionate fans from the Penny Arcade community gathering together to discuss the past, present, and future of the Final Fantasy series in addition to other similarly-themed games and topics. Listen in as we share fond memories and lingering criticisms of classic Final Fantasy games while also looking toward the future of the long-running RPG series. Occasional discussions including anime and movies may also follow.
We are a live action role play podcast trying to bring attention to games systems that do not get as much mainstream light! We love D&D and Pathfinder but there is a lot more out there and folks deserve to get a taste of the whole menu! We are also going to be doing a topic round table style talk show about the table top gaming hobby! Please enjoy the ride as we take this journey togehter!
Romancing the Zone
Come join your girls Anne, Bee, and Nell in our The Adventure Zone fancast! It's a podcast about a podcast about boys playing tabletop games.
Spikepit where Colin ponders ideas related to tabletop role playing games new and old with a view to engaging with the community.
A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Real-Play Podcast.
Random Screed
I go on rants about things in life, usually concerning Mental Health and using Tabletop Role-playing games to deal with my struggles.I host the podcast Hobbs & Friends. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ray Otus is a tabletop gamer, artist, writer, and role-playing game designer. Plundergrounds is a zine devoted to Dungeon World adventures and content. And now it is also a podcast focused on inspiration, art, and games designed by independent creators.
Featuring podcasts about role playing games, martial arts, video games, geek stuff, and more.
RPG Backtrack
RPG Backtrack is a podcast in which we reflect upon some of the staple titles in this wide-ranging genre.
The Weekly Squeak
A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering.Show notes can be found at -
3T RPG Podcast
The 3T RPG PodcastIn the 3T RPG Podcast we do in depth reviews of RPG products, discussion, competitions, play reports, and listener discussions and (perhaps our favourite) we cover the RPG products so weird and gross that no-one else wants to. In addition to all of this, it features many features alongside these features, such as; -Song Fight: where two hosts make RPG related songs and battle them to the death.-The chamber of Challenges: The hosts set strange challenges for one-another.-Adv ...
Radio Grognard
An OSR Role-Playing Game Podcast Become a supporter of this podcast:
Legal Moves
The games business and legal podcast - legal news, views and information for board game and video game developers and players. Featuring industry guests, commentary and Q&A, along with a "deep dive" into a different topic each episode.
Play By Podcast
Play By Podcast is a bi-weekly actual play podcast focusing on storytelling through the medium of tabletop role-playing games. Join hosts Michael, Leon, Liam, and Laura every fortnight as we gather around a table full of microphones to build worlds, forge relationships, and learn just how the hell Dungeon World works, anyway. It's not just another D&D podcast, it's Play By Podcast.
Fig End Games
Fig End Studio is a creative place for two podcasters to share their elaborate adventures in a world custom-built by J.Fig. Join "Betsy" the rogue mouse, along with her companions like "Dirt Bag" the squirrel, creepy mummy rat Gandalf, and the weasely Kratcher (plus the other ones) in her travels through Celenae, a post-apocalyptic moon base that feels suspiciously like Middle Earth.... Find out more at!
Another Path
Chase, Griff, Ryan and Zack sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories. Check us out at, @anotherpathpod on twitter, and!
OCD Super Feed
This is the feed where you can get all the great podcasts found over at the Obsessive Comics Disorder (OCD for short) website ( In addition to the OCD podcast, making fun of all the things geeks obsess over; there's Boards & Swords (Board Games, Card Games, and other experiences in Tabletop gaming) , and The Adventures of Chloe (stories about a young Geek in training).
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show series
Hey Now Cabalists! Today we dive right in with some conversation about Shadows of Brimstone, Funko Pops and get into some the games we've been playing over the past couple of weeks. Then we hook you up with a feature review of a game everyone is going bananas for, Vindication and look back at Rising Sun one year later. After Tony T brings you h ...…
Hello everyone! We've been gone for a while due to schedule conflict, but we're back! This week, we talk about the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, a $500 DnD campaign, and more!I hope you enjoy!Twitter: tabletopradi ...…
Jonathan and Nick discuss Hitman 2, the latest in the franchise that pioneered disguise stealth gameplay: a brilliantly executed power fantasy.
I talk about description in RPGs and how to use it. Become a supporter of this podcast:
While Dalgreath triggers a devastating treasure-filled trap, Fairaza gains invaluable intel on how next the party should proceed. Become a supporter of the podcast at our Patreon page: You can help us unlock goals for the future while unlocking fun GCP exclusive rewards for yourself!…
Remember when the 8-bit NES was king? And if you knew all the secrets and tricks you were the coolest kid on the schoolyard? Al remembers those days. Well, he doesn't ever remember being the coolest kid on the schoolyard but he does remember when knowing a cheat code or how to beat that annoying boss on level 5 could win you a few friends. In t ...…
The Queen is bad, actually.By (James D'Amato).
Craig Campbell was back on the show to tell us about Capers Noir, now on Kickstarter. A supplement to the original Capers, we now moved from the ’20s to the ’40s and a whole new atmosphere of crime drama. Craig explains the trappings of the genre and how to build a great noir story in your role-playing game. Also, we explore what source materia ...…
Discussing recent experience of 'The Black Hack 2' and response to related call ins, from Happy Whisk, Matt Jackson and Vance An. I also talk about what I'm upto in relation to other systems and my initial impressions of some adventures by Frog Gods and Troll Lord Games. Thanks to Logan Howard of Swordbreaker for the 'Crazy Spikepit Theme'.…
Random topics including encounter tables, timers, avoiding rust monsters, Dune, Barsoom, bronze age gaming, OGRE, illusions, Revolt on Antares, Tetsuo, the Tripod Trilogy, and establishing questions. Full show notes at
Ren and Friends face a fearsome battle at sea while trying to leave. Let’s be honest, it’s Ren doing a bunch of “Ren” things, Durok doing a bunch of “Durok” things, Paelias doing a bunch of “Paelias” things, and well… Who knows what Cinder’s problem is. Thanks for listening, liking, sharing, and reviewing! Keep on adventuring! This month’s spon ...…
What’s hot in board game sales right now? We take a look at the top selling games from Autumn last year, catch up on Chris’ Seafall game, then launch into some reviews! News Autumn Sales Figures via Email us your comments and questions at You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or on facebook at ...…
I ruminate on recycling monster sheets for your campaign. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A longtime patron got in touch with us about something that was on their mind and we thought it would make a good episode. This is talking about what do you give characters to start with and how do you guide them into directions your story might want to put on display. We only talked about the topic today, no outside links on this episode You c ...…
I talk more about creating frameworks and how to adjust your adventure on-the-fly. Become a supporter of this podcast:
You're not your I'm aware, its incorrect for URL and laziness reasons. I know its short, and I know I didn’t manage to do an episode last week. I think I need to stop making broad proclamations about how I’m going to do the show and just do it. I’m killing the Patreon as of now, patrons will notice I didn’t put through a charge for the last epi ...…
I talk about certain ways GMs run their games that are hard-wired into them plus how they sometimes have to change their perspective in the game. Become a supporter of this podcast:
It's all over. The case is solved, although not as the characters would have expected. Can they go back to their normal lives knowing what they know now? Will they? Will Betsy Devos come through with her promised payment? Tune in to find out!By (We Hate Bards).
Ben has achieved 30 rotations around the Sun! To celebrate we throw him a special game!By (We Hate Bards).
hjrp2402Your hosts: Stu, Kimi, Stork, JoeyIn this Episode: Steve in SoCal writes in about player and PC perceptions. Johnny sends us an email about classes and DnD. Craig (whodo on the forum) asks about getting players to learn the rules.
In this installment of Critical Hit - A Major Spoilers Podcast: A play is performed, and we check out the alignments of some of the people we have met. Visit the Major Spoilers store for Critical Hit and Major Spoilers merchandise! Character sheets for characters at level 24 are available at Show your thanks to Major S ...…
Jonathan discusses Banjo Kazooie, the apex of the Nintendo 64, 3rd person, 3D platformers, still available on Xbox One.
As with Gary Con, my best intentions with this episode slipped away due to the con crud! Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
I talk about a couple of types of halflings to use in your games. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Debuting March 31: Speed dating! Song writing! Day trading! Mind reading! All mini-adventures you’ll take with Topher Grace and a different celebrity guest each week. From the people who brought you "Anna Faris Is Unqualified" comes the ultimate auditory adventure! Topher and executive producer Sim Sarna tackle everything from taking a lie dete ...…
The Hunting Pack is summoned to explain Nagalisitu to the Queen of Newt, but they soon find that she is set on exploitation and conquest. Fortunately, the Stabbyeux, the personal guard of the princess (and defenders of love!) intervene, rescuing the party. Now the party must make the prophecy come true if they want to fulfill their mission.…
Following on from previous episode I reflect on how the 'Lazy DM' method worked in session 4 of my BFRPG Western Lands Campaign. I also discuss some player feedback and content for future episodes. Thanks to Logan Howard 'Swordbreaker' for the closing theme.
In this episode Chris speaks with Alexis of Arkhn about their plans to standardise medical data. Also featured are stories on D&D, the connections between crypto and gambling, the real intentions of Facebook and more.
We’re continuing our stroll down memory lane here on Unqualifiedtoday with a collection of some of our all-time favorite classic calls! We’re flashing back to… …Episode #43 with Katie Couric where Anna and Katie chat with a caller who needs some advice about handling some tricky family dynamics. …Episode #69 with Kristin Chenoweth where Anna an ...…
The Band of Boobs escape to the Autumn Court and make plans to face the Hounds! Moonshine has a heart to heart with Bev Sr., Beverly becomes an official Green Knight, and Hardwon faces the consequences of his actions. Support us at to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content! Music/Sound Effects Incl ...…
Let us return to the earlier days of the Kingdom Hearts series. This episode contains an attempt to disseminate the pertinent points of Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II.
I talk about different kinds of elves to use in your RPG sessions. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Martial art enthusiasts love to debate what art they think comes closest to being the perfect fighting style. This week Al and Marcus chime in as we discuss our thoughts on what we think the perfect martial art should incorporate. Want to email us? Contact us at Like the show? Please consider sharing on your social media ...…
Hello! Welcome to the first side of the Sixth session of our Fantasy Flight Games Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series! Alex, Kaetlyn, Kolton, and Matt played in this series as Shinjo, Doji, Shiba, and Kakita, and Colin acted as GM. In this episode you’ll hear us focus in on Shiba-san, the Phoenix clan Shugenja for a well deserved bit of chara ...…
A quick rant about encounter tables that are too repetitive/thin. Full show notes at
Today the Lords start the episode by revealing the winners of the Art and Arcana books and then go into a campaign update for their current Dungeons and Dragons game. Then we announce a new contest for two cabalists who entered the Art and Arcana contest, we play the Opening Announce Game Show in which Jamie sees if the other Lords can figure o ...…
I talk about dwarves in RPGs and a few different personalities that can be used by players or the GM. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Aegis Three have dinner with the King of Bulwark. Remember, you can support our efforts over at Support Another PathBy Another Path Productions.
Our first true loves the Tres Horny Boys take us on another adventure to stop another apocalypse. Nell's striving for greatness with her robot godfathers, Bee's buying the new Tiffany Pocket Rocker, and Anne's here to mix up some Cherry Smash and hose down anyone who gets too rowdy. Crack open a can of Radicola and see if there's a baby in your ...…
Eric has been playing Devil May Cry 5 (01:45) Hat has been playing Suikoden (14:00) Octopath Traveler Prequel on Mobile (17:54) Alliance Alive Coming to Switch, PS4 & PC (25:45) FF7 Uncovered Leak? (32:25) Google Console (44:20) Xbox One S - All Digital Edition (55:40) Gaming Memories (01:04:15) Comments (01:18:46) YouTube Page: https://youtu.b ...…
Al and Chad kick off season 2 of Black Mirror with Be Right Back, an episode that explores the theme of grief and artificial intelligence. Want to contact us? Email Like the show? Please consider sharing it on your social media platform of choice and leaving us a positive review on iTunes.…
Sponsored by Easy Roller Dice! The crew went nuts, but can they compose themselves enough to make out with some loot? Let us know if you been enjoying the show! Is there a game that you'd like to hear us play? Contact us! Our email is You can find the dirtbags on twitter @DirtbagsPodcast or you can follow me pers ...…
I talk about using player (and your own) real-life experience to enhance your games. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Space, the thing we have to cross... These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Horizon. Its ongoing mission, to awkwardly uninvite the NPC to the landing party, to debate some Klingons on the finer points of subtlety, and to boldly say, "oh no"! A new tabletop role playing adventure in the ongoing Star Trek: Adventures "Living Campaign" from Modiphiu ...…
Intro tune by Logan Howard 'Swordbreaker', call ins relating to last episode from Rob C 'Down in a Heap', Tim Shorts 'Gothridge Manor'. Playing the Black Hack vall in from Vance A. I discuss my pre game prep and the influence of Sly Flourish's Return of the Lazy DM. Close with shout out for Glynn Seal's 'Great Lunden ' Kickstarter and 'Red Dice ...…
Dear Listeners, Don’t you just love dealbreakers? We know that you do!! Which is why, on today’s episode, we’re bringing you a hilarious collection of our favorite Deal-Breakers from some classic episodes featuring Eva Longoria, Nick Jonas, Emily Ratajkowski, and Adam Scott! Plus, we have a super-exciting, super-exclusive, never-before-heard pr ...…
Welcome back to Trinyvale! In our latest session, there's Big Trouble on the Little Moon and Team 22 is right in the thick of it. Onyx has an unexpected reunion, Nyack becomes a Trinstagram model and Jens goes fully off the grid as the hunt for the 4th Ginnarak Crystal begins! Support us at to get access to the after-show an ...…
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