OA451: Section 230 and Tulsi's Transphobia


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Today's show involves two bills that Tulsi has introduced... BUT NOT BOTHERED TO WRITE. For real. They are entirely for vice-signaling purposes and contain no substance. However, Andrew is here to give us a deep dive on what the implications and background are. One involves Section 230 (which Andrew has been dying to tell us about!) and the other is about trans-women and sports. It's... no good. We contrast Tulsi's garbage with an important trans-rights decision. So, it's a good news ending!

Links: 47 U.S. Code § 230, Reps. Gabbard & Gosar Introduce ‘Break Up Big Tech’ Bill, Tulsi's Bill H.R.8922 has no text, Reps. Gabbard and Mullin Introduce Bill to Ensure Title IX Protections for Women and Girls in Sports, H.R.8932 also has no text.

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