Ep 328: Opie enters the Howard Stern studio without permission


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From time to time I will be discussing classic moments from the past. Broke down the time I entered the Howard Stern studio without permission while on Facebook Live with Sherrod and Vic. Talkse about other stuff as well.

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Video of the call at end of episode discussing the incident with Anthony, Joe Derosa, Craig Gass and Rich Vos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN0jyba2vow

Here's the video of the time I entered the the Howard Stern studio without permission. Was just trying to have a little fun while I was on my Facebook Live. SiriusXM didn't see it that way and this was the moment they decided that they had enough of my shenanigans! No regrets. Sherrod Small certainly knew this would be trouble. RIP Vic Henley


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