101 - Serious Mode


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This is episode 101 of the OverClocked Podcast, a regular dose of video game music and conversation from OCReMix.org. This week, we run down a good number of ReMixes, some from past albums and others celebrating recent events, and top things off with a Playlist of intense themes.

ReMix ReWind:

The Playlist: Serious Mode

  • From Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, Slippery Climb / Stormy Ascent, submitted by Rexy

  • From: Metal Black, Time, submitted by electricboogaloo

  • From Battletoads (NES), Volkmire's Inferno: Jet Turbo, submitted by FenixDown

  • From Tetris 99, Flight of the Bumblebee, submitted by Patchpen

  • From Secret of Mana, “Eight Magics” by Sagnewshred, submitted by Jorito - https://soundcloud.com/ocremix/2-08-eight-magics-sagnewshreds?in=ocremix/sets/secret-of-mana-resonance-of-the-pure-land

  • From Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, “The Deep End”, submitted by genghisdani

  • From Super Mario Bros. 3, "World 8 Map (Dark World)", submitted by Liontamer

  • From UFO: Enemy Unknown, the menu music, submitted by Eino Keskitalo

  • From Final Fantasy X, Otherworld, submitted by John Bunday

Next Week's Playlist: Underground Music

Caves, caverns, and mines abound in video game worlds— share your favorite underground tunes!


  • Script: Patchpen, Eino Keskitalo

  • Hosting: Genghisdani, Rexy, Patchpen

  • Editing: Eino Keskitalo, Rexy

  • Release: Stephen

And a very special thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and submitted Playlist recommendations!

Bumper music: WhACKASS WORKShIFTS (Instrumental) by Sir Jordanius and halc from Temporal Duality - http://soniccd.ocremix.org/#disc4

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