Amanda Moreno Young: Persistence Pays


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Amanda Moreno has been in the pageant industry for over 19 years. She has made her way around the block through competing in pageant competitions and now she is using her years of experience to coach young princesses on how to become pageant queens.

Some of her own crowning accomplishments include winning National All-American Miss 2011-2012 and Miss International 2016. Understandably she has the perfect personal insight in these, and many other systems in the United States, to help women win these titles too. Some of these women include Ava Hill Miss International 2019 and Ashlee Nelson National American Miss 2019-2020.

Amanda was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, which is known for having a variety of pageants for girls of all ages. Growing up, Amanda described herself as being a tomboy. She loved playing soccer, softball and many sports. Her Colombian family roots instilled a love for soccer especially when she was young.

Although she was a tomboy on the outside, her heart was filled with princess-like dreams. This probably stemmed from her family’s annual trips to Walt Disney ever since she was three years old. Christmas time was one of the best for the Moreno family since they were able to spend time in the most magical place in the world. Amanda’s love of Walt Disney inspired her to name her dog Walt Ray Moreno!

One of the most characteristic things about Amanda when you see her is her bright and joyful smile. Unfortunately, there were people who took her smile away at a young age. She was bullied a lot when she was younger about her weight, her hair, and everything else a young girl should not have to be concerned about. This led her to having very low self esteem, and eventually developing an eating disorder for three years.

The pain she experienced at this time would be the catalyst to energize her to empower thousands of young women around the world to develop the skills to not face the same hardships she did. She just didn’t know this yet.

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